Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have not found a solution to the problem, the Crypto Accountant support team will help you. Your query can be sent using the message sending form on the right or online chat in the lower right corner of the browser.

You can also simply send an email to [email protected]. The Crypto Accountant support team will usually reply to messages within 24 hours.

It’s not very clear to me how Crypto Accountant makes money and what exactly can bring financial benefits. There is a lot of information on your website, but I do not have time to delve into it, because I am very far from cryptocurrency and other money online. Please briefly tell what is this?
Everything is quite simple: the Crypto Accountant team is involved in a thorough study of such a phenomenon as cryptocurrency, and how it can affect the global financial system as a whole (and this will happen sooner or later). Thanks to this website, you can get basic knowledge about cryptocurrency, learn how to profitably trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges, or simply join a pool of investors within a trust management program.
Many companies have offices in the real world where customers can see how the process of earning looks and get additional information from company management. Can I visit your office?
Of course, you can. Crypto Accountant is not the first year in the market and ready to introduce our team and provide all the necessary documentation right at our office, which is open to visitors during the working week (Monday through Friday). Besides, we have regional representatives, and if you are not a UK resident, pay attention to the list of partner offices - maybe one of them is in the neighborhood, and you can visit that office.
How can I place a deposit and what profit can I expect for?
The first thing you need to know is the minimum deposit is $25, the company accepts deposits through popular electronic currencies (Perfect Money, Payeer) and, of course, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash) - the list of payment instruments is constantly expanding. You can make a deposit directly in your personal account just after registration. The minimum profit rate at the start of the project is 5.00% daily, however, thanks to the coordinated work of the analytical department and Crypto Accountant traders, we have the opportunity to pump the rate weekly upwards.
How often do you increase the rate of return on deposits and why do you do this?
The profit rate on deposits is reviewed once at the end of each trading week, on Fridays - this indicator depends on several factors, which in essence are a reflection of the results of current trading and the market forecast for the next period. We do this exclusively in the interests of our investors, making our service as comfortable, profitable and competitive as possible. Important! The profit rate increases only for active deposits (that were credited during the current week).
How much can I invest and withdraw from my account balance? Do you charge any withdrawal fees and how quickly my withdrawal request is processed?
The minimum deposit amount is 25 USD depending on the investment plan chosen (you can also invest from 5 USD in promotional plans during their activity). You can withdraw 1 USD or more in case of using fiat currencies (Perfect Money and Payeer), 5 USD or more for withdrawing profit in altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash), as well as 10 USD or more when withdrawing Bitcoin - those requirements for withdrawal of cryptocurrency is due to high network fees. Our rule is that the client should receive everything here and now, that is why all your withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Please note that the profit withdrawal is available in the same currency you invested, since the company does not engage in internal currency exchange, this also helps us keep financial statistics.
How do you encourage those who help you to attract new investors? Who can get a referral commission, in what amount and what do I need for this?
For sure, any online business is built quickly and efficiently thanks to the involvement of as many users as possible, and we would not want to be an exception to this rule. Anyone who has an account in our system receives a unique referral link, which he can use to register new investors. The reward for such activity is 4%, 2% or 1% depending on the level of referral connection (yes, we also encourage passive registrations of the second and third tiers). To receive a referral commission, you do not need even to have your own deposit.
Do I understand correctly that I will be rewarded from each deposit of my referral?
Yes, this is so - after each deposit that your referral creates from his e-wallet, you receive a referral commission. However, please note that various promotional plans are periodically active on the site - the referral commission on deposits is 1%. You can get affiliate reward for only deposits in the standard package of plans - Sputnik, Gagarin and Apollo 11. Besides, the referral commission is not paid for deposits directly from the account balance (reinvested profits).
How to increase affiliate rewards? I saw on your website an offer to become a regional representative...
If you are an experienced Internet user, understand the mechanisms of online earnings and ready to work in a team, we are waiting for your request for special status. After that, your first-level affiliate commission will be increased to 7%. To become a representative of Crypto Accountant you need to have a deposit of $750 or more. Contact our Department of regional development for more information, we will be happy to answer your questions.
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